Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick story from the bridge...

One the best things about being at sea is meeting new people and hearing the stories they have from life experiences. Sailors, especially for research vessels like the Melville, have been all over the world to some of the most exotic places. I have been amazed by their adventures, and I can understand why a young man or woman finds themselves with saltwater in their blood. This salty life, however, is reserved for those with an adventurous spirit and few ties to the mainland. With a wife and four children at home, I could never do what they do which is why I have enjoyed learning about their jobs and hearing of their adventures.

When I was writing my post about the bridge, I met all of the officers and the captain. Heather Galiher is the 2nd mate onboard, and she told be me about some of her favorite places that she's had the chance to visit in her young career. Heather told me about Papua New Guinea, and how she climbed into the mouth of an active volcano with the rest of her crew. She said that
the very next day that same volcano erupted! 
It's a pretty amazing story. But, it didn't make the impact that the pictures do.

Take a look at what Heather sent me a few days later to support the magnitude of her story.
Hiking up to the volcano
Eruption the next day
Heather Galiher unscathed, ready to board the R/V Melville.
The reason that I could never be a full time sailor.
left to right: Bryce, nearly 2, Olivia , 11, Jax, 3, Grady, 9

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